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with the best recipes and stories from the Carokookt kitchen in Amsterdam.


Party time!

Over the past year Caro hase been working hard to writing her own cookbook. After twenty years of cooking, catering and receiving guests at her cosy and large kitchen table, the time has come. She has collected the recipes of her most popular dishes for you and combined them with the stories and adventures in and around her fabulous kitchen in the center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The cookbook is not just about recipes, food and cooking, it is about more, much more.


The cookbook is packed with delicious dishes, from healthy and tasty drinks snacks to unparalleled fish- and seafood recipes, divine desserts and down to Wadden sea earth oyster preparations. Award-winning Guinea fowl, saffron delicacy and popular classics with a twist. In short, too much to mention. 

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At the moment, we are working hard on the English translation of Caro's Cookbook.



Pre-registration price € 35.00

excl. delivery or shipping, incl.

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