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with the best recipes and stories from the Carokookt kitchen in Amsterdam.


Party time!

Over the past year we have worked hard on our own cookbook. After twenty years of cooking, catering and receiving guests at our cosy kitchen table, the time has come. We have collected the recipes of our most popular dishes for you and combined them with the stories and adventures in and around the kitchen of Carokookt. The cookbook is not just about recipes, food and cooking, it is about more, much more.


We invite you to sign up for your own copy. You can pre-register as from Sunday 7 January 2024


The cookbook will be published in mid-February. When you register, you will also receive an invitation to the presentation drinks on February 23.


The cookbook is packed with delicious dishes, from healthy and tasty drinks snacks to unparalleled fish- and seafood recipes, divine desserts and down to Wadden sea earth oyster preparations. Award-winning Guinea fowl, saffron delicacy and popular classics with a twist. In short, too much to mention. Be invited and register quickly for your own copy.

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We are working hard on the English translation of Caro's Cookbook. Meanwhile, be invited to buy the Dutch version and enjoy learning Dutch on the way! We'll update you when the translation is ready. 

By purchasing our cookbook, you contribute to CAROKOOKT as a company, with which we have been creating a conscious, firm and responsible food print for years. ​ INFORMATION Pre-registration price € 35.00. We would like to send you a Tikkie for this.

excl. delivery or shipping, incl. invitation for presentation drinks on February 23, 2024. incl. culinary surprise. ​ Provisional release date: mid-February 2024*. ​


* If there are any delays due to unforeseen circumstances, for example during the printing process, we will of course keep you informed. ​


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