Great of you to have found my website, you are most welcome! You have probably read somewhere about Caro Kookt, and are now eagerly looking for more information and the possibility's I offer.
- Chef at your Airbnb
- Catering
- Private dining
- Dining livingroom style


Please contact me for all details.


You can join us for dinner at my kitchen table. Every Friday nights (so not always, kindly check the diary) I am serving a three-course meal at my house. 

The setting of Friday night is friendly, "gezellig" no black tie, bring your stories and appetite to my table and simply dig in!  I serve a set three-course meal and yes, of course, dietary wishes are welcome. You may book for up to three people, we will have a nice mix at my table. 


COST p.p. € 25.00 (book in advance)


Wine, beer and juice to be ordered separately. Tap water standard on the table, CO2 Neutral, good for humans, animals and the environment.


Please contact me for possibility's. I am looking forward meeting you and yours !


Kind regards,



If you would like to be directed to some references, please let me know. I gladly give you the contact details of happy customers I cooked for in the past


Congratulations to Caro Kookt winning the 2017 A.A. Taste Awards Great Taste!

”For several years running, we are proud to have been granted the Great Taste Award of the Anti Additive Association. Where possible, our produce is home made without additives like Vetsin, taste salts or preservatives. Wherever possible, we use produce that is organically grown, fish and meat from "Organic or friendly farming" We like our guests to have a wonderful meal. Our philosophy is that this can only be achieved by using ingredients which have also been treated friendly.“

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A.A. Taste Awards 2017



Caro Kookt is all about enjoying food. With honest products of transparent origin, produced with respect for animals, people and our earth. The fact that these products have a better taste because of this is a nice extra for me. I like to share my passion for taste and the cooking adventures that I experience in and around the preparation of the products. My cooking style is Mediterranean with a friendly and humorous nod to the Dutch kitchen and occasionally a trip to a different continent than Europe. In short, deep flavors, fresh products and the occasional recipe from my mother's cookbook. Whether catering for an event on location, a private dinner with me in your kitchen or Chef on location at your home, I am looking forward to planning this together with you. If you dine together you share beautiful things.

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MENU 2019

22 Dec Christmas in the kitchen

27 Dec Open table Festive menu



MENU 2020

1 Jan Kitchen surprice

8 Jan Kitchen surprice

15 Jan Kitchen surprice

22 Jan Kitchen surprice

29 Jan Kitchen surprice

7 Feb Beef

14 Feb Lamb

21 Feb Fish

28 Feb Fish

6 mrch Fish

13 mrch Chiicken

20 mrch Beef

27 mrch Lamb

3 apr Lamb

10 apr Chicken

17 apr Fish

24 apr Fish

1 may Lamb

8 may Chicken

15 may Beef

22 may Fish

29 may

5 jun

12 jun

19 jun

26 jun

3 jul

10 jul

17 jul

24 jul

31 jul

7 aug Sailing & cooking on the Spea mea

14 aug Sail meal

21 aug Fruits de Mer

28 aug Fruits de Mer

4 Sep

11 Sep 

18 Sep Lamb

25 Sep Game

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