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dinner at CARO KOOKT

I warmly invite you to a Dutch treat dinner in my home restaurant / kitchen. You may book for a group from 10 up to 14 people. People tend to call it a "restaurant" You are actually dining in the kitchen of my home where from I run my catering business / Private dining. You are able to see me prepare the food and ask me all about the produce, my suppliers and the ins and outs of Caro Kookt. Some guests can't resist the temptation and roll up there sleeves to get involved in preparing the dishes. But mainly people sit down at my kitchen table and enjoy a great relaxed time in Amsterdam and taste the real Dutch cuisine as it should be, away from the main stream tourist industry, prepared with love and dedication.


We are not a a la carte restaurant. In order to make our contribution to solving the food waste program in the world, we kindly ask you to make your choise of menu at the moment of booking  and make one choise of dish per group per course (dietary wishes are welcome)

Price p.p.

Choise menu € 38,50 (three course menu)

Dutch taste menu € 47,50 (4 course menu)

excl. drinks.

Dietary wishes are welcome. Please contact us to check your date and make you  booking.

On this occasion we recommend you our special beer

from Mollinkwoner Cheese farm:

Berg Hopke (blonde)

Noaste Noaber ( Amber)


For several years running, we are proud to have been granted the Great Taste Award of the Anti Additive Association. Where possible, our produce is home made without additives like Vetsin, taste salts or preservatives. Wherever possible, we use produce that is organically grown, fish and meat from "Organic or friendly farming"  We like our guests to have a wonderfull meal. Our philosophy is that this can only be achieved by using  ingerdients which have also been treated friendly.

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