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Dutch Seafood Taster


Oyster shot

Oyster - Tomato - smoked chillie - Dutch Brouwdok Wadden Gin


Wadden chowder

Rich cream - home made stock - potatoes - Wadden Clams - sourdough croutons - dill 


Broiled grey shrimp Shell

Saffron roux - native grey shrimp - lightlty crusted with seasoned breadcrumbs and a persillade.



Seasonal tonic for January

Spes Mea (My hope) GT

€ 7,50

Brouwdok Wadden Gin - Tonic, lemon thyme - Samphire  -  Dill Esprit from A van Wees Distillers

The Brouwdok Gin is a fantastically smooth gin, with 10 herbs at 40 %. A delicious gin, traditionally distilled at Harlingen, Friesland.

Wine and beer may be ordered a table

The most original and tasteful experience in Amsterdam 2023

Caro's seafood experience

From the Sea and the Land.....

Amsterdam has always had a strong connection with the Wadden Sea, the worlds largest tidal system in the world, which apart from the Waddensea itself, consists of a number of islands. Because of its globally unique geological and ecological values, it is listed by UNESCO as World Heritage. The Waddensea is situated at the top of the Netherlands on the left side. it has been there sinds about 8.000 years, when during the post - glacial period, the sea level slowed down rising and the new land emerged.

Apart from the occasional Mamoth bone, antique ship wreck and treasures alike, it is the harvesting ground for the famous Wadden oyster, soft nutty and slightly slated and the Kokkel, the Dutch clam.


To get to know Amsterdam, its history and the connection with the fantastic Waddensea area, Caro has devised an exciting Wadden menu especially for our overseas guests. Book your place at her kitchen table. Meet Caro, taste the most inspiring Dutch food and get entchanted bij Caro's Wadden adventures. Do not miss out on the one and only Dutch Wadden Clam chowder in the world (sure, Caro has been inspired by the American chowdah)


Caro's kitchen is situated in the old Jordaan Quarter of Amsterdam, right opposite the Anne Frank house and Wester church, and can be easily reached.

TICKET PRICES incl 1 beverage

4 to 14 pax € 75 ,00 p.p.


12:00 - 13:30 hours

14:00 - 15:30 hours

16:00 - 17:30 hours

For more information about the Waddensea sailing charter Caro will be cooking 2023

(Please mention CaroKookt by contacting)

Spesmea sailing charters

Klaas Bosch


To check availability 

Text / whatsapp: +0031 6 394 394 06


Phone: +0031 6 394 394 06

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